We offer a variety of speeds and prices to meet the needs of both enthsiast and casual users alike. Our affordable connections are perfect for browsing the web, streaming video, sending email, or playing online games.
Downstream Upstream Monthly Cost Contract
  512 kbit/s   256 kbit/s $30.00 None
1024 kbit/s   384 kbit/s $35.00 None
1536 kbit/s   512 kbit/s $40.00 None
2048 kbit/s   768 kbit/s $45.00 None
3072 kbit/s 1024 kbit/s $50.00 None
5120 kbit/s 1024 kbit/s $60.00 None
  • Connections are always-on and no phone line is required.
  • One static IP is included with every connection.
  • One-time installation fee for residential service is $100.00.
Perfect for small businesses, these connections offer symmetrical speeds for fast upload transfers, VPN connections, VoIP, and much more! Business connections also receive priority service and support.
Downstream Upstream Monthly Cost Contract
1024 kbit/s 1024 kbit/s $50.00 None
1536 kbit/s 1536 kbit/s $90.00 None
2048 kbit/s 2048 kbit/s $125.00 None
3072 kbit/s 3072 kbit/s $200.00 None
4096 kbit/s 4096 kbit/s $275.00 None
5120 kbit/s 5120 kbit/s $350.00 None
  • One-time installation fee for business service is $100.00.
  • One static IP is included with every connection. Additional IPs for business connections are available for $5 per month.
At the time of installation, a low-profile antenna and a wireless transceiver are mounted on the subscriber's rooftop. A small cable (cat5) is run from the roof to the subscriber's internal network or personal computer. See our Availability page for additional information about the installation process.

Other Services:
Tech Support & Computer Repair - We can provide on-site computer assistance for $45 per hour.
Custom Built Computers - We can build your next workstation or gaming machine to meet virtually any price or performance requirement.
Other Network Solutions:
  • Building to Building (PtP) links
  • Indoor and outdoor WIFI coverage
  • Temporary broadband connections for special events
  • Internet based Security cameras
  • On-site networking support starting at $65 per hour