Frequently Asked Questions:
What is VistaWave Internet service?
Our Internet service is an always-on broadband connection. Instead of using physical cable, VistaWave's broadband network uses wireless microwave technology to connect subscribers. Our advanced fixed-wireless technology is able to deliver high-speed, secure, reliable, and low latency Internet connections to our clients.
How much does your service cost?
Our Internet connectivity packages start at $30 per month. Even at this low price, our service is over 10 times faster than dialup! Our service options range from $30 to $50 in five dollar increments to allow our customers the greatest flexability possible when choosing the price point that meets their needs best. See our Services page for additional details.
What connection speeds do you offer?
Our wireless network is capable of providing over 15Mbps for internal network transfers. Special Point-to-Point (PtP) links can be built for even greater bandwidth requirements. The Internet connectivity packages that we offer range from 512kbit/s to 6Mbps at this time. As our network grows and as we invest in a larger Internet link, we will be able provide higher speed connections at lower costs in the future.
How can I upgrade my connection to a faster speed?
Your bandwidth can be adjusted at any time with a simple phone call or email. As long as there is spare capacity at your access point and the origionally installed equipment is capable of the desired speed, bandwidth can usually be adjusted in just a few minutes.
Can I connect multiple computers to your service?
All of our Internet packages include one static IP address which enables one computer to access the Internet. Multiple computers can be connected to our service through the use of network address translation (NAT). Many consumer grade network manufacturers like Linksys or Dlink sell NAT routers that will accomplish this task at a low cost.
Can I use my wireless laptop with your service?
The use of a wireless enabled laptop or other wireless device requires the installation of an access point (AP) at the customer premises. Routers like the ones mentioned above can be purchased which include a built-in access point.
What is the installation process?
First, a site survey will be conducted to determine if a reliable connection can be established at the installation site. If the site survey determines that the proper link conditions can be met, VistaWave can establish a secure wireless connection to your home or business. Our technicians install a small antenna and transceiver on the roof or on the side of the building and run a small cable indoors to your router or personal computer.
What will be installed and how will it appear?
A typical setup will include a small antenna and a wireless transciever placed on the subscriber's roof or on the side of the building. We use low-profile antennas that are comparable in size to a standard satellite dish in most cases. All equipment installed at the premesis is also fully paintable.
Is VistaWave Internet service available in my area?
One advantage of wireless Internet is that it can reach many places that cable and DSL cannot. Our technology bypasses all traditional wired services so we are not limited by existing landline infrastructure. Any location that has line-of-sight to and is within 5 miles of one of our access points should be able to receive service. VistaWave Internet service is currently available in parts of Santa Clara, Ivins, Dixie Downs, and surrounding communities. See our Availability page for additional details.
Is VistaWave Internet service secure?
Our service is just as secure as any other DSL or cable Internet connection. Communications across the VistaWave network are also encrypted as an added measure for security to prevent eavesdropping on wireless signals.
Will weather conditions affect my service?
Our Internet service is not affected by rain, wind, fog, or even snow. Birds are also not a problem. All of our connections are engineered with generous fade margins to provide uninterrupted service in any weather.
Besides Internet access, what other services does VistaWave offer?
In addition to Internet connectivity, VistaWave can provide businesses with the following network solutions:
  • Building to Building (PtP) links
  • Indoor and outdoor WIFI coverage
  • Temporary broadband connections for special events or conventions
  • On-site computer and networking support