Service Area:
VistaWave Internet service is currently available in Ivins, Dixie Downs, and a small portion of Santa Clara. Service in Kayenta is available through our partner Kayenta Technologies. Remember, our service area is expanding all the time! If your location is not listed above, please contact us to see if service will be available in your area soon.
Site Survey:
VistaWave conducts a site survey prior to any service installation. The site survey is conducted to establish if the proper link conditions can be met to ensure that a reliable connection can be established at the customer location. Any location that has clear line-of-sight to one of our access points should be able to receive VistaWave Internet service.
If a reliable link at the customer location is deemed possible, VistaWave can start the installation process. This can usually be done at the same time of the site survey. A typical setup includes a small antenna and a wireless transciever placed on the subscriber's roof or on the side of the building. In most cases, we are able to use low-profile antennas that are comparable in size to a standard satellite dish. All equipment installed at the premesis is also fully paintable.