VistaWave Internet service is delivered to the subscriber's home or business using point-to-multipoint fixed-wireless technology.
VistaWave Internet Features :
VistaWave Wireless Technology:
  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees
  • High-Speed Always-On Connection
  • Local Support
  • Fast Upload and Download Speeds
  • Excellent Latency for Gaming or VoIP
  • Reliable Wireless Technology
  • No Equipment Ownership Hassles
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Wide Availability - Our wireless system allows for unparalled fast and easy roll-out of services compared to most traditional wired networks. This enables us to quickly and easily provide high-speed Internet service in underserved areas where cable and DSL cannot reach.
Cost Effective - Wireless technology spares us the expense of running ground-based cabling. This enables us to offer faster and more reliable services at a comparatively lower costs than our competitors.
Low Latency - Response times across our network infrastructure are kept to an absolute minimum to provide high quality transport of time sensitive data. Our backbones are tweaked to reduce latency as much as possible -- to us, saving even 200ns (.2ms) is a worthy endeavor. To even further improve latency, time sensitive data is prioritized to ensure high-quality voice and gaming connections to our clients.
Easy Expandability - Our network is built with the future in mind. The equipment we use is much more future robust than most other wireless technology because it is completely modular. This modularity enables us to efficiently and easily upgrade our system as new technologies emerge.
Excellent Reliability - Our wireless technology is proven to work in any weather and it has excellent interference robustness. To further add to our reliability, VistaWave owns and operates its own redundant wireless ring. Our redudant infrastructure greatly reduces the chance of network outages by providing multiple network routes at any location on our backbone.
Security - Communications across our network are secured using the latest encryption standards.
The VistaWave Advantage:
Superior Quality - We strive to provide the best quality Internet service possible. Our fast and reliable network combined with our friendly customer service helps to make our Internet service an unbeatable value.
Excellent Support - Because we are a local ISP, we can easily provide our clients with excellent support. With localized support, your needs will get met quicker and any problems are usually immediately resolved.
Service Customization - We offer uniquely customized network solutions to our clients. Data backup services, VPN connections, and local wireless networks are just some of the unique features our clients are already enjoying.
Local Gaming - We host a variety of gaming servers that many of our clients use regularly. VistaWave subscribers can enjoy LAN-like pings to our public game servers.
Money-Back Guarantee - We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee with all new installations. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund your entire installation cost and first month's payement.